Meet Our Newest Team Member!

Meet Sameya (pronounced Sam-yuh lol). She was hired via our online assistant search a few weeks ago! We asked her to write a little about herself so you guys can get to know her too. Welcome to the team!

“First I suppose we should start out with the phonetic way to say the group of letters that make my name UBER complicated!  So… Sam-yuh!  I know, that E is a killer, just take it out when you say it!  I am 24 years old and a recent college grad of California State University San Bernardino with a BA in mass communication and public relations.  I was raised in Las Vegas my whole life and moved to California for both school and to pursue a career in entertainment!  With that said, I enjoy all things entertainment and have a real passion for broadcasting.  I was sent the Wives by Wines meme via Facebook by a friend who thought I fit the description.  I honestly had never seen the show and did not know the company so I looked it up!  I immediately decided to apply and here we are today! I have learned A LOT in the small time I have been here and am so excited for what the future holds!  One day I would really like to host my own television show…. or be on E! News, perhaps a pop diva, fashion icon… the list goes on…. :)”




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